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What websites do I need to know about for LCHS classes?
Last Updated 2 years ago

    • This is the ticketing and knowledge base system used by the LCHS IT staff to track your problems and post things you may need to know. The Knowledge Base (KB) has several articles (FAQs) in it to help you solve problems on your own.
      • No login here is required at this time
    • This website is home to Sharepoint (needed for some of you classes), your LCHS email (used by the IT staff to keep in touch with you about problems you are having) and access to your licenses for installed copies of Office365 for up to 5 devices. It is also where you can find online copies of Word, Excel and Powerpoint (limited function but the basics are there) in case you find yourself needing Office products on a computer other than your own.
      • Login:
      • Password: LCHS assigned password on the card provided to you
    • This is the school's student administration system. Here, you can check on your grades and get updates from the LCHS school office.
      • Login: This was set up by your or your parents
      • Password: This was set up by you the first time you logged in.
    • This is the LCHS classroom learning management system. It is associated with renweb but is not the same as renweb. Logins/passwords on Moodle may be different from those on Renweb even though they share a common name.
      • Login: most likely the same as your Renweb login
      • Password: This was set up by you the first time you logged in

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