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I'm not connecting to the wifi.....the basics
Last Updated 3 years ago

  1. Check your wifi fan (icon). If you see at least some bars that are not greyed out, you are in communication with the nearest wifi access point and have verified the wifi password you entered is correct. If you don't see any bars, you likely have not selected the correct wifi network or you have incorrectly entered the wifi password.
  2. You may have a yellow triangle with a "!" in it in the middle of your wifi icon. That may be fine and simply means you have not yet entered your lchs email address and password to authorized your internet use. If you see this triangle, open a browser and attempt to go to . You should be directed to a Meraki LCHS login page. Enter your LCHS email address ( and your LCHS assigned password.
  3. LCHS requires you to reestablish your internet connection every 7 days. If your internet suddenly stops working, it may mean you are pending authentication. Unfortunately, there is no warning when this will happen. The first thing to do if your wifi suddenly stop working is to open a browser and attempt to go to (note it is NOT https at the beginning.) If you are pending authorization, then you will be presented a login screen to enter your LCHS email address and assigned password.
  4. BROWSESEC is a popular browser addon that will prevent the display of the wifi authentication page and ultimately not allow you to connect to the LCHS wifi. If you have trouble accessing the school's wifi and the previous procedures haven't worked, turn off BROWSESEC and return to step 3.
  5. If all else fails, you may need to stop by the IT office for help. We are located next to the Highmarks Center and are available from 7:30am to 3:30pm. If your laptop is having issues that cannot be resolved quickly, the IT staff have laptops available for you to take back to class while they continue working on your problem.

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