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Can I checkout a laptop if mine isn't available.
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LCHS has a limited number of laptop computers available for student use on a first come first served and best effort basis. Checkout time is 7:30am-8:30am daily. The laptops must not leave the building and must be returned to the IT Office at the end of each school day. These laptops are not intended to replace a student having a device of their own. Loaner laptops are supplied on a first come/first serve basis for those students who are having temporary problems with their own device. To check out a laptop from the IT office, do the following:
  • Bring your student ID to the IT office before the end of homeroom or by 8:30am. (If you do not have a student ID, you will not be able to checkout a laptop.)
  • You must know your LCHS id/password (given to you when you at the beginning of the year) If you do not know your ID/password, you will not be able to log on to the loaner laptops. The IT staff will help you find your password first, then the checkout process can begin.
  • At the end of the day (before the IT office closes at 3:30pm) you must return the device to the IT office. The only exception to this is if you are staying late in the Highmarks Center and the IT office is closed. In that case, you must leave the laptop with the proctor monitoring the Highmarks Center before you leave. The next morning, you MUST go back to the Highmarks center, gather your laptop and return it to the IT Office. The Highmarks staff will not be returning laptops for you but they will secure them overnight until you can return them yourself.
If you don' t have the following:
  • Your student ID badge: you must stop by the IT office and open up a request for a new badge at one of the kiosks provided. A $5 replacement fee will be billed to your school account.
  • Your LCHS password: If you have forgotten/misplaced your LCHS password, you must request assistance in person in the IT office. You MUST have your student ID with you.
The number of times a computer is being checked out and by whom is being tracked. The IT office can withhold checkout privileges to any student at any time if it appears the checkout program is being misused. Reasons for not being permitted to checkout a laptop may include:
  • Leaving the loaner laptop unattended in a classroom
  • Losing a loaner laptop
  • Giving the laptop to another student to use
  • Failure to consistently return the laptop at the end of the day
  • Checking out a laptop repeatedly without providing a reasonable explanation
  • Returning a laptop in poor or unusable condition
  • Tampering with a laptop's operating system
  • Returning a laptop with a virus
  • Violating the LCHS Responsible Use Policy as outlined in the student handbook while in possession of a checkout laptop.
Loaner laptops will also be issued throughout the day to students who come to the IT Office with their own computer that is acting up and needs attention.

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